Medical: Laser


The iBEGO aPDT project (name and logo lettering have already been completed, however due to the lack of trade mark registration are currently retained) focuses on the developement of special treatment lasers and matching photsensitizers.

From 2019, iBEGO will be designing, implementing and distributing devices and required consumption materials for the investigation and therapeutic treatment of diabetic foot syndrome (DFS) through adjuvant photodynamic therapy (aPDT).

Urine test strips


It is a non-invasive treatment without pharmaceutical agents, overdosing is not possible and no resistances can form.

For this, we draw on the scientific findings and practical experience of adjuvant minimally invasive periodontal therapy and our cooperation partners from industry and university research.

Due to some scepticism on the subject of „healing with light“, you will find topic-related information and studies on the function + mode of action under the following link in our „Science“ section.