Ecology: Air quality

Measuring device

The current developements in the air quality monitoring segment provides for the increasing demand for measuring equipment in muncipalities.

The cost-efficient iBEGO series MoG1 is suitable not only as a self-sufficient, independently operated particle matter measuring device.

Through modular expansion kits, it can be a dust sensor, a sensor for the detection of CO, CO2, NOx, NO2, and also radioactivity combined.

Measuring device mounted in the Black Forest

The iBEGO particle matter measuring device is an autonomously applicable measuring device for recording particle matter sizes such as PM10, PM2.5 and PM1. Through its compact design, low weight and power consumption, the device is ideal for battery operation.

A wide range of interfaces allows for integration into the most diverse measuring systems.

Areas of application include air quality monitoring in air conditioning systems, cleanrooms, operating theatres, combustion monitoring or environmental protection. By integrating a wide range of gas sensors, the system can be expanded to meet individual customer requirements and adjusted accordingly.

As with all devices of the MoG1 series, it enables equipment with different interface types (SDI-12, LIN-BUS, IO-LINK, RS232, RS484, etc.) to integrate into almost all existing measuring networks.